Looney Island Cruise


Departing from Volunteer Landing, our private 90-minute Looney Island Cruise heads westward (downriver) past Calhoun’s Restaurant, meandering through several historic bridges past the VOL Navy docks, Neyland Stadium647, and the Sunsphere of The 1982 World’s Fair.  The cruise continues past the famous UT Forensic “Body Farm”, gorgeous UT Gardens and UT Regional Veterinary Medical Center646.  It continues around the Looney Island643 providing breathtaking views of the Sequoyah Hills Community where stunning landscapes and multi million-dollar homes can be seen perched high upon the cliffs.

All reserved cruises take place after 5 pm during the week and at almost any time on the weekends. To schedule a cruise, please call 865-312-9000. If you reach a recording, please leave a specific message regarding the requested date & time for your cruise and the number of guests in your party. Advance notice of at least 2 hours is respectfully requested. Final departure for a Looney Island Cruise is no later than 8 pm.  If you would like to inquire about a reservation several weeks or months in advance, you may wish to use our Availability Inquiry Form at this web site.

April – Nov; After 5 pm weekdays; almost any time on weekends.

xx footnote numbers reference river mile markers