Sit back and immerse yourself in the ambiance of the waterfront aboard the Queen Priscilla while Captain Kevin & Chief Mate Andrew provide a delightful cruise that will ensure you have a Good Time on the Tennessee River.   Book our 90-minute Forks of the River Cruise (upriver) or our 90-minute Looney Island Cruise (downriver).  Shorter cruise options include our 45-minute City Harbor Cruise and our 20-minute game day Vol Navy Cruise.  The Queen Priscilla is a fully restored genuine 26-foot 1968 U.S. Navy Captain’s Tender.   Find out more about her history and features by clicking this link.

Looney Island 90 min $90 group rate
Forks of River 90 min $90 group rate
City Harbor 45 min $15/passenger
Vol Navy 20 min $15/passenger
Custom Cruise 1 hour min $60/hour

Nestled among the giant bluffs on the Tennessee River at Volunteer Landing, just a short walk from the lively Knoxville downtown entertainment district and the University of Tennessee, the KokOasis offers a totally relaxing experience aboard a modern houseboat with all the comforts of a quality suite.  Very roomy on the inside with lots of bonus space on the roof, this beautiful 75-foot houseboat features three staterooms, 2 baths, a fully appointed kitchen, and a large hot tub.  Central heat and air conditioning provides comfort all year round.  Find out more at


Forks of River Cruise

Departing from Volunteer Landing, our private 90-minute Forks of the River Cruise heads eastward (upriver) past Volunteer Landing Marina, on a course that takes it under the South Knoxville bridge on a path that drifts past the Island Home Community649, Downtown Island Airport650, Otter Island651, and the boardwalk at Ijams Nature Center …

Looney Island Cruise

Departing from Volunteer Landing, our private 90-minute Looney Island Cruise heads westward (downriver) past Calhoun’s Restaurant, meandering through several historic bridges past the VOL Navy docks, Neyland Stadium647, and the Sunsphere of The 1982 World’s Fair.  The cruise continues past the famous UT Forensic “Body Farm”, gorgeous UT Gardens and UT Regional …

City Harbor Cruise

Operating within the immediate vicinity of the downtown area, our 45-minute City Harbor Cruises  feature sights of the Knoxville skyline and nearby Downtown Island Airport. Points of interest include: Calhoun’s On The River, Volunteer Landing Marina, Suttree Landing Park, South Knoxville Bridge, Gov. Ned McWherter Riverside Landing Park, Island Home Park, …

Vol Navy Cruise

Very special 20-minUTe public VOL Navy Cruises are offered on Fridays & Saturdays before University of Tennessee Volunteers home football games. Like our Harbor cruises, these cruises are operated in the downtown area, but mainly in the immediate vicinity of the assembled armada of the famed VOL Navy.   A minimum …

Boarding Sites

Depending on the circumstances, several boarding site options are offered. These options are presented on our map below. Click the map for greater detail. A: Volunteer Landing Marina B: Calhoun’s Restaurant C: “Towers” at Volunteer Landing D: VOL Navy Docks E: CityView Docks The Magenta Arrows indicate the walking route toward …