*** Thank you for the Memories!***
We have decided to close the business and are no longer providing tours
We are thankful for all our customers, who supported us in the past years.  We truly regret this decision.

The Queen Priscilla was run by Captain Kevin & Chief Mate Andrew who provided a delightful cruise that ensured you have a Good Time on the Tennessee River.   There were different cruise options, the 90-minute Forks of the River (upriver) Cruise or the 90-minute Looney Island (downriver) Cruise.  Shorter cruise options included a 45-minute City Harbor (downtown) Cruise and a 20-minute game day Vol Navy (downtown) Cruise.   NOTE: Coast Guard regulations permitted a maximum number of six (6) passengers on any cruise aboard this vessel.

The Queen Priscilla is a fully restored genuine 26-foot 1968 U.S. Navy Captain’s Tender.   Find out more about her history and features by clicking this link.